A division of platinum recording co. 

Making an album is hard enough so we make sure your as comfortable as possible so any specific needs or requests please let the staff know ahead of time as we want you to be as comfortable as possible which also makes us not only happy but it makes our job easier as well and it shows in the final product. i gaurantee you will make the best record and be happy if you hire me to produce it. i so look forward to working with you and if youd like to chat before making your decision please call me and lets talk about it and our ideas at 1-630-723-7090. Sincerely, Michael Hordorwich 

New Service: Guitar and Bass setups and repairs now available. Call (630)723-7090 for rates.

Partial Equipment List:

​Session musicians available!

Mac computers with Pro Tools 12, Logic Pro X, Final Cut pro video editing software with Sony Hd 1080p high resolution camera

Tascam 24 channel desk, Mackie Sr-40 Console. New edition to msh studios: ANTELOPE ORION 32+ interface ad/da converters. Studio one Monitors 

Yamaha, Focal, Alesis and Presonus monitors with sub woofer.  Two Universal Audio Apollo 8P interfaces with UAD Satellite and tons of dsp plugins. Amazing preamps and outboard gear. Waves Mercury bundle and all Steven Slate everything bundle, Mcdsp Everything bundle, all metric halo plugins, Isotope 7 mastering suite, Avid professional series plugin bundle, All native instruments komplete 11 ultimate with Machine Studio and jam with komplete knotrol s61 keyboard. Arturia v collection bundle with arturia keylab 88 keyboard.All Soundtoys bundle, at your disposal.Plus many more plugs and outboard gear and sound modules.                       

8 piece pearl drum set with Zildjian and paste cymbals bongos and tambourine.Ludwig 70's 8 piece kit with 24" bass drum. 

2 Gibson Les Pauls,5 Fender american strats,2 Ibanez rg-550, Takamine acoustic, mandolin, Fender Jazz, Schecter and  Charvel basses.

Marshall, Peavey, acoustic, line 6, helix, crate, randall,and Hartke, ampeg guitar and bass amps. Theremin and lots of pedals. Complete list available by request and if we don't have it here most likey we can get it. 

Record label, Recording studio with video suite and guitar, drum and bass lessons!

Video services available! Graphic design by heidi barron also available. 

Msh Inc. Is your one stop shop for all your music needs. Call us and let's talk about your needs. We Look forward to hearing from you.