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April 16, 2015

Hi everyone and thanks for tuning into my new audio engineering blog. I'd like to start out today's topic on mixing in the box and plugins. Lately i've been watching some vids online to see what's out there on this topic and i'm shocked at the abundance of tutorial so focused on time spent using plugins. I think if a lot of new engineers spent more time on the actual music and prep that would realize they wouldn't need to be running compression on every track insert and their aux bus so much! It seems to be a very touchy subject these days as some really famous engineers are releasing plugins with their names attached to them but the real question is do they really use them! For me coming from analog to the digital realm it's been quite an adventure and i have to say yes their are some good plugins but in today's music imho everything is way to over compressed and squashed to the point you lose the feel of the artist and dynamics! I'd like to hear some of your thoughts on this subject and any other things you'd like to talk about or ask please feel free! Happy recording everyone! Rock On! Sincerely, mike Hordorwich

Audio Engineering Blog!

My name is Michael Hordorwich and i'm the owner of Msh Records And Recording Studios. I have been a musician,songwriter,producer,engineer for almost 20 years and finally had the opportunity to open up my knowledge and talents to you through my studio and label! I'm always looking for great musicians to work with so feel free to send me a copy of your song or songs you'd like me to hear to offer my humble assessment. Also i'm in the process of signing new artists to my label so stay tuned!  Look forward to hearing from you! Thanks, Mike